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Audio Gauging (Ultrasonic Thickness Inspection)

Using a certified Cygnus Digital thickness gauge, readings are taken over a steel or aluminum hulls external bottom plating.  The thickness gauge is frequently calibrated using a test block of a known thickness.

The hull bottom plates are first marked out in chalk indicating all of the frames, longitudinals, cofferdams, sumps and bilges, etc. using the yacht's drawings as reference and confirmed by visual inspection and soundings by percussion hammer blows.

Numerous readings are taken and the lowest readings in each are then recorded on a drawing or report sheets.  All measurements are recorded in millimeters (inches can be used if desired).  These readings are compared with original plate thickness taken from ships drawings.  In the absence of drawings original thickness is obtained by readings taken locally from visually good plate.

Audio gauge readings are approximate.  The gauging is carried out in areas of known potential problem areas only.  All areas of the vessel are not generally audio gauged unless specifically requested.

Occasionally, some variations occur in the steel or aluminum plate itself due to the mill that rolled the plate and may vary by as much as .2540mm to .3810mm.

Prior to commencement of audio gauge measurements (ultrasonic thickness inspection-UTI), a full visual inspection is carried out both externally and internally where accessible.  Any signs of damage or previous repairs are photographed, measured and recorded.

Special attention is paid to areas that are known to be susceptible to corrosion; tank margins, bottom of bilges, cofferdams, chain lockers, plating beneath engine room batteries, air conditioning compressors and toilets, etc.

Audio gauging (UTI) can be carried out over good clean paint, but any loose scale dirt, marine growth or filler is required to be removed.

A1X Marine Surveyors are qualified experienced audio gauge specialists who have been chosen by IACS classification societies to carry out marine ultra sound surveys on their behalf.




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